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All Natural Cleaner: Force of Nature Is All You Need To Clean Your Whole House


By Carrie Bruno | Published on February 9, 2023

Are you thinking about deep cleaning and disinfecting your house completely with so many cleaning products available? Don’t worry because a natural cleaner, called the ‘Force of Nature’, is the only all natural cleaner you need to achieve a non-toxic, clean home.

Force of Nature
Replace all your household cleaners with just one non-toxic, make at home solution

Cleaning and disinfecting are essential in these modern times as many new diseases and variants of already-existing diseases are emerging rapidly. More so, since they spread mainly by contact with infected and unclean surfaces.

Incorporating regular cleaning in your routines you can avoid health issues and improve the quality and cleanliness of your house.

So, if you want to jump onto the cleaning bandwagon and know more about the Force of Nature cleaning product and other related important information in the cleaning industry, keep reading.

Defining Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

The terms “cleaning”, “sanitizing”, and “disinfection” have become more used since the onset of COVID-19. While you tend to hear them be used interchangeably, these three terms are different.

  • Cleaning – Cleaning refers to things like wiping off the dust, dirt, and debris from surfaces and use simple products, such as soaps and detergents.
  • Sanitizing – Sanitization is a more modified form of cleaning. It involves using mild chemical agents to suppress the pathogens responsible for transferring COVID and flu.
  • Disinfecting – Disinfecting is the highest form of cleaning. This is when a strong chemical agent is sprayed onto a surface and allowed to sit for some time to kill all the germs, then it’s wiped away.
Force of Nature
Clean, sanitize & disinfect all with one cleaner

What is the ‘Force of Nature’?

The Force of Nature cleaner is a non-toxic, all natural cleaning product that combines salt, vinegar, and water in sufficient amounts. It is a multi-purpose cleaner, deodorizer, and sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs.

Force of Nature has also has a spot on the EPA’s List of approved products to use against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

The Force of Nature appliance converts salt, vinegar, and tap water into a multi-purpose cleaner by changing the chemistry of the ingredients.

How is this electrolyzed water made?

The Force of Nature appliance uses electrolyzed water technology. The electric current changes the chemical composition of water and salt to produce two new and effective cleaning ingredients;

● Hypochlorous acid – Low amount of HOCl is as effective as bleach for cleaning and disinfecting. It’s a strong disinfectant used in water treatment, wound care, skin disinfection, and as a deodorizer.

● Sodium hydroxide – NaOH is a degreaser and cleaner. It cleans the grease and oil stains effectively by making them water-soluble. The Force of Nature cleaner only contains 0.0000003% of NaOH, which is non-toxic.

The vinegar in the cleaner is used to decrease the pH so that the right amount of effective concentration is achieved.

The Force of Nature cleaner is an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant. Moreover, the formula also meets surface disinfection requirements for OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards.

Different ways to use Force of Nature cleaner

Do you feel that you need different cleaners for different surfaces? If yes, then Force of Nature cleaner is the right product for you.

Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to use the all-purpose Force of Nature cleaner, and we’ve listed out the ways to identify if your need aligns with the recommended usage instructions.

  • It can clean sticky and stinky stains on baby gear, such as car seats, strollers, and high chairs. It can also effectively clean sports gear and equipment as they smell pretty bad after extended use.
  • Instead of using a dishwasher for washing kids’ utensils, you can use Force of Nature, as dishwasher heat can cause the plastic to leach toxic chemicals.
  • Force of Nature can eliminate mold and mildew from front-load washers such as gaskets.
  • It can clean rugs and furniture but do a spot test on the rug to ensure that the material is colorfast, so no issues arise.
  • Clean your makeup brushes; it is 100% allergen-free.
  • You can also use it to disinfect backpacks, lunch boxes, thermoses, etc.
  • Reusable bags can be tidied up by Force of Nature, too.
  • To keep your flowers fresh, spray them with Force of Nature.
  • It is gentle enough to even use on cloth diapers to wash off dirt and stubborn stains.
  • Disinfects children’s toys.
  • This product can help in removing sponge grunge effectively.
  • Force of Nature is gentle and can be sprayed on animal care products.
  • Clean windows and high-touch surfaces.

In short, Force of Nature cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner and all you need to clean your whole house and related items.

Benefits of Force of Nature cleaning product

The Force of Nature cleaner is a non-toxic cleaning product you can make yourself in the Force of Nature appliance by using the pre-portioned capsules containing salt, vinegar, and water.

● All-in-one cleaner

Force of Nature cleaner is an all-in-one cleaner and disinfectant. It effectively kills harmful microbes like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Salmonella typhi, Norovirus, etc. This solution is also used in wound healing and eye care products.

This technology has been used in industries for over 50 years and now you can easily clean with it at home.

● Better than typical cleaning products

It is 100 times better than typical cleaning products because it is free from all those toxic and harmful chemicals that severely affect our health.

● Reusable plastic bottles

Did you know plastic is non-biodegradable and takes up to 1,000 years to degrade? One person can eliminate up to 100 disposable bottles annually by switching to reusable containers and bottles.

Force of Nature has the Green Seal certification. All starter kits come with a plastic spray bottle that is reusable. This prevents overfilling landfills and non-biodegradable, environmentally harmful refuse. It is a more sustainable alternative to other cleaning products.

● Reasonable and cost-effective

The Force of Nature cleaner is more cost-effective when compared to other cleaning products. Although you need to invest in nature’s force appliance, it will be only a one-time investment as you will save money in the longer run.

● Pet-friendly

Force of Nature is a cruelty-free product and is safe to use around pets. It is a super effective deodorizer; use it to minimize cat litter odors, dog toy stench, freshen up your furry friends bed.

● Easy to make

Fill the device with tap water, add the capsule of salt, water, and vinegar and push the button and it’s ready to use.

Other cleaning products

Most household cleaners contain of many harmful and toxic chemicals such as dyes, surfactants, quats, preservatives, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc. But there are quite a few reasons beyond the ingredients that make Force of Nature a better choice.

So the question you should ask us is why Force of Nature is better than other cleaning products? Luckily, we’ve got a list for you!

  • Many cleaners that claim to be made of natural and organic ingredients contain many harmful ingredients linked to hormonal disruption, cancer, asthma, and allergies. Just look at the label, do you see any ingredients you don’t understand?
  • Daily exposure to cleaning and disinfecting products is as harmful to our health as smoking 20 cigarettes in a day.
  • The labels of cleaning products do not contain complete ingredient lists.
  • Bleach and quats have been linked to several health issues, such as COPD, asthma, allergies, and reproductive toxicity.
  • Chemicals used for fragrance are most commonly carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, and skin and respiratory irritants.
  • The fragrance industry is self-regulated and does not undergo safety testing.
  • Ammonium hydroxide in cleaning products can cause severe skin burns, eye damage, and respiratory irritation. The reason for cleaning gloves.
  • Toxic chemical exposure negatively impacts children because their body systems are still developing.
  • Chemical exposures cause 5% of childhood cancers and 30% of childhood asthma.
  • Did you know only 300 out of 62,000 chemicals approved in the US are even tested for safety.
  • Quats are in over 50% of the disinfectants on the EPA’s List N, the disinfectants approved for use against Covid-19. Which have been linked to reproductive and developmental toxicity.

With the natural ingredients in The Force of Nature, it is free from harmful & toxic chemicals, it’s not linked to severe health issues and is a better alternative to cleaning your whole house.

Where to buy Force of Nature products?

Purchase the Force of Nature directly from their website. There you will find a variety of options, such as;

The Force of Nature products is very cost-effective as compared to other brands. Moreover, they are also offering a 40% discount on bundles and free shipping on all orders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What comes in the Force of the nature starter kit?

The Force of Nature starter kit includes five things:

  • An electrolyzed appliance
  • A power cord
  • Five activator capsules
  • A 12 oz planet-friendly reusable spray bottle
  • A user manual

  • How long can a Force of Nature cleaning solution last?

The Force of Nature cleaner lasts about two weeks as hypochlorous acid dissipates. So, to achieve its optimum disinfecting ability, you should use it within 14 days.

  • Are there any stains that Force of Nature cleaners cannot clean?

Force of Nature does not contain whiteners, so it would not remove rust or hard water stains from porous surfaces.

  • Is it necessary to wear protective gloves when using Force of Nature?

No, it is not necessary because the Force of Nature is very gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. It also has the highest product safety rating by SkinSafe.

  • Can I use my household salt and vinegar instead of the Force of Nature capsules?

No, you can not use household salt and vinegar to make the Force of Nature cleaner. If you use salt and vinegar, the wrong pH can result in a bleach solution that does not meet the EPA requirements.

  • Is Force of Nature better than a DIY cleaner with vinegar?

Absolutely! Force of Nature is better than a cleaner containing vinegar because vinegar alone can damage stone surfaces like granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx. Force of Nature appliance changes the chemistry of the vinegar.


Replace all conventional cleaners with the new Force of Nature cleaner, as it can clean all types of surfaces, windows, toys, etc. Moreover, the brand is offering a 1-year warranty, and if you don’t like it, you can also return the product within 30 days with a full refund.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Force of Nature cleaner and other products to clean your whole house. CLICK HERE to place your order now.

Best of luck!

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